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Beauty cannot allay the danger of a poisonous flower.
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26th-Jun-2013 01:21 am - Belarus Cosplay!
I decided to add a bit of my cosplay to my LJ too. ♥

photo taken by Ed Martinez
19th-Jun-2013 09:39 pm(no subject)

Alice Lolita: Card & Stripe Corset JSK

Stupid name, pretty dress!! This is my first ever Lolita coord and I love it so much. ♥♥

Full coord

19th-Jun-2013 06:19 pm - ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour!
ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour!

ONE of my many dream dresses!!
I still need the matching headbow, but at least I can pile everything else on my head until I find it!

18th-Apr-2012 10:13 am - First true post.
So I am finally going to post something to my journal in my own hand. Hooray!

I made this journal so I could lurk the EGL community, so I really have no idea how to do what just yet--but I am a quick learner! I intend to post Lolita outfits I obtain, stores I like (wigs, lolita, cosplay, etc), and just general things about my life or my mood. I hope that I will make plenty of new friends here and start a new Loliable life!
17th-Apr-2012 11:42 am - Styles
Originally posted by lolita_handbook at Styles
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